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Jessica Alexander

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Mother. Surfer. Maker. Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia.

A natural problem solver with a sense of humour, Jessica has fought for the public good for decades at multiple levels of government in two provinces.

Born in BC to immigrant parents, Jessica hasmadeNovaSc iahomesince1999. She has a degree in Public Policy, a certificateinSustainabilityLeadership from Dalhousie University, and studied post-conflict development in Kosovo.

Jessica performs restorative justice as a volunteer through the provincial Department of Justice processes, and was on the public Research Ethi Board oftheNovaSc iaHealthAuthorityfor two years. She has been the deputy leaderoftheGreenPartyofNovaSc ia since 2016.

Jessica has four adult children and one small dog, and unwinds by surfing.

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