• Ivan Drouin

Why Open Halls?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Political gatherings may be.

In these uncertain times, how can we reach out to each other?  Is it possible to create a space to have meaningful and open hearted conversations about politics? It turns out, it is not only possible but relatively easy, as our human nature seems to be wired to connect to others, and Town Halls provide that opportunity.

“The pandemic has taught us that people still have strong motivations about improving their communities.”

How do we do it? We simply take as our bedrock the Green principle of participatory democracy.  The rest flows from there.  Technological issues, videoconferencing, finding a room where we can do physical distancing, all these demand work, but they are simply obstacles, and someone always steps  up to help.

Why do Town Halls "work"? Because we all crave  participation, we all want to be informed, truly and intelligently informed.  We need to share our ideas.  We all want to hear what our neighbour feels and thinks.  Because Town Halls, when inspired by social justice, respect for diversity and ecological wisdom, speak to our universal spirit.

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