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Government Pledges $18m for Green Energy Upgrades

This week environment minister Gordon Wilson sent a release that announces up t $18 million in funds to be deployed over several years to make energy efficiency upgrades available to people and companies.

"The Green Fund is meant to help fight climate change in our province, and these projects will do that..." said the minister.

The McNeil Liberal government has been criticized for not doing enough for the environment, but contends that this initiative will create over 190 new jobs and remove 6000 tons of carbon from the economy.

The $18 million announced will be spent as follows :

  • $5.5 million over two years for the Solar Homes program, which offers rebates to homeowners installing solar panels.

  • $6.7 million over three years for the affordable multi-family housing program, which provides incentives for energy efficiency upgrades in affordable housing projects.

  • $3.5 million over three years for the small business and not-for-profit energy solutions program, which offers incentives for energy efficiency upgrades for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

  • $2 million over five years for the Clean Leadership program, to allow youth interns to work on climate change projects across the province.

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