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$44m for NS Fishing Industry

The Atlantic Fisheries Fund, a cash reserve from both the federal and provincial governments, is releasing up to $44 million for equipment upgrades to various Nova Scotia companies and organizations.

Although many of the projects contained in the announcement are not new, the details of this financial support highlights specific dollar amounts and those who will receive them

The companies and organizations named that will receive money are :

  • Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia: $4,466,089 to maximize the productivity of shellfish sites.

  • Brazil Rock 33/34 Lobster Association: $6,166,547 to create functioning live wells on lobster vessels for improving quality.

  • Canso Seafoods: $1,262,400 to provide innovative equipment for new product lines.

  • Cape d'Or Sustainable Seafoods: $3 million to help expand capacity of land-based certified organic salmon farm.

  • Coldwater Lobster Association: $3,081,830 for lobster quality enhancement projects, as well as holding and aeration.

  • Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance: $14,453,234 to support equipment and innovation activities for members.

  • Perennia Food and Agriculture: $1,795,650 to support COVID-19 response in the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

  • Perennia Food and Agriculture: $1,178,550 to help expand export markets for premium quality seafood.

  • Scotia Harvest Inc.: $3,750,000 for to help provide a new processing facility for groundfish.

  • Sustainable Fish Farming (Canada) Ltd.: $4 million to help expand capacity.

  • Victoria Co-Op Fisheries: $1,562,244 to help provide modernization of processing facilities and equipment to achieve British Retail Consortium certification.

It is interesting to note that top of the list is the Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia (AANS), an industry lobby group. Tom Smith, the executive director of the AANS last summer accused Dr. Thomas Trappenberg, a university professor at Dalhousie University and leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia of "spreading misinformation" in an op-ed he penned in the Halifax Chronicle Herald.

The AANS smear attempted to discredit Trappenberg personally and professionally, as well as the Ecology Action Centre and a half dozen citizen-led groups of the Healthy Bays Network opposed to open-pen fish farms. Open pen aquaculture is a deeply unpopular fish farm practice that the NDP government invited to Nova Scotia in 2009 with tens of millions of taxpayer dollars in subsidies. It is a type of fish farming that is known to cause widespread damage to ocean life, hurts traditional fisheries, and produces fish contaminated with parasites and toxins harmful to humans. It is not permitted in most of the rest of Canada.

Most traditional fishers, including lobster fishermen and Mi'kmaq fishing groups strongly oppose continued open-pen aquaculture. It is not clear how the AANS will distribute these new taxpayer funds.

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